Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cabled hat/scarf/fingerless gloves set

3AM Cable Hat, Cabled Cashmere Scarf 
I made this set for my husband.  Sort of cobbled it together from several patterns that all involved cabling (my new skill at the time).  Naturally, I used yarn that did not match the pattern gauge.  Silly me.  So, I made the hat several times before I got it to fit.  Live and learn.  The teal gloves, I made for me.  It is a nicer picture of the finished product.

Hat:"3AM Cable Hat" from Smariek Knits at
Scarf: "Cabled Cashmere Scarf" from Vogue Knitting Scarves
Gloves: "Fetching" from

Yarn: Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran

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