Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jacqueline sweater

Made this sweater this summer as a stress release from my last quarter of nursing school...which was intense.  I was drawn to the interesting collar.  Since the lapels have button holes, you can button them to any button you like, making it a somewhat versatile piece.  

The sweater is in bulky yarn.  I wouldn't say it knit up quickly, but it could have been worse.  The gauge on the pattern was WAY off (too small), despite many corrections having already been made on the website.  So, I cast on per the pattern and knit about 3-4 inches, then wrapped it around my hips to check gauge.  I got it on the third try.  I like long sleeves, so I lengthened those.  The body of the sweater was too long on accident, but I liked the sort of "coat" feel and decided to keep it. 

To stabilize the button placket, I sewed in a piece of purple ribbon before I sewed them on. This has really added some strength and keeps the placket in shape. Next time, I’ll do this to the button hole side as well.

All in all, the gauge in this pattern made it a bit of a pain, but if you are willing to do some math and redesign it somewhat, it knits into a nice piece.

Pattern: "Jacqueline" from
Yarn: Cadena by (wool/alpaca)

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