Monday, October 31, 2011

Dream Job

New Look 6917 and 6808

New Look 6917 and 6808

How do you get your dream job?  Make the perfect interview outfit!  Okay, I don't know if it was prefect, but I did make this skirt and blouse combo and I did wear it to an interview for my dream nursing job, and I did get the job, so draw your own conclusions.

The skirt is pattern # 6917, version E.  It is a mix between a size 12 (waist) and a size 16 (hip), with about 2 inches taken off of the length to accommodate my shortness.   I found the fabric on the remnant table at Pacific Fabrics in Everett and, hence, got a killer deal on a very nice piece of purple plaid wool.  The only thing I would do differently in the future is I would underline the whole garment.  Having never worked with this sort of fabric, I didn't realize how much it would stretch.  Underlining would help the skirt hold its shape.

The blouse was a last minute thing because my perfect black sweater was dirty.  This is New Look pattern # 6808, version C, size 12, in black stretch poplin.  No alterations, if you can believe it.  The collar was a pain to figure out, but that is because I am a collar novice.  Fun little blouse.  Love the bow.  I will make more of these.

Patterns: New Look 6917 and 6808

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  1. I'm profoundly impressed with your mad sewing skills, Crisp! Congratulations on the job! Where is it?