Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lemons and Jasmine

Colette Jasmine

Colette Jasmine with McCall's M5591

Colette Jasmine
The blouse:
Colette Patterns. Sigh.  I am so glad there is a little independent pattern company out there...and a designer whose taste I adore. 

I just love the wide v-neck and long ties on this blouse.  It is hard to find a blouse with ties that doesn't look like it just flew in from 1987.  I was very excited to make Jasmine (so excited that I already had two fabrics lined up), but had a ton of trouble with the muslin.  I think I made it 3 times before I got it right.  The issue was the neckline.  It was so very wide it would slump off one shoulder a la Flashdance, but when I made a smaller size, it just began to look high necked.  So, as usual, I had to improvise.

I started with a size 4, which is my go to size in Colette.  First, I changed the location of the darts to fit my bust. Then I drew on a new neckline.  I made it narrower from shoulder to shoulder, while maintaining the intended shape and plunge.  I also added a little curve to the v.  Of course, the collar had to be adjusted to follow the new neck.  In the end, I came up with something that looks pretty close to the drawing on the pattern, but fits like a dream.

Pattern: Colette Jasmine
Size: 4 with alterations
Fabric: 100% cotton

The skirt:
Sometimes, I need a palette cleanser...something that doesn't require a muslin, or a bunch of tailoring...something that is just silly and fun.  I have an odd obsession with fabrics that have fruit on them and in the bleak mid-winter last year, these lemons spoke to me.  Incidentally, this very same fabric showed up as Sheila's golf shorts on Suburgatory.  Go lemons!

Simple, straight forward skirt, with pockets (I love skirts with pockets).  I took in the waist a bit, but that is it.  Being both anal and averse to ironing, I understitched every pleat.  Makes them sharper and less of a pain to keep up.

Pattern: McCall's M5591
Size 14 with alterations at the waist
Fabric: Fabulous lemon cotton

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