Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plaid Jumper

Simplicity 3673
I found this wool plaid in the winter and was just DYING to use it.  Once again, I had been falling head over heels for the day dresses in Mad Man (what did we do before that show?!).  So, I got this little 1950s retro pattern and went for broke.

The dress is fully lined, not just in the bodice and the pattern instructs.  I've really gotten into lining thins lately...keeps them from sticking to you stockings.

My bust being what it is, the bodice that fit my ribcage was too small to cover the front, so I had to improvise.  I added fullness to the bust and lengthened the bodice front (which originally hit me at about the nipple line, ack!).  I also narrowed the shoulders, armscye, and shoulder straps.  I think I'm finding a theme here.  Narrow shoulders and chest, ample bosom.  No wonder nothing fits.  I also took in the waist on this dress and took out a little fullness in the hip.  I am terribly pleased with it. 

A note on fabrics:  Being an only recently employed wife of a school teacher (who is the sexiest man alive), and living where I do (the only store within an hour's drive is JoAnn), I do not have access to the finest fabrics around.  So, when I got my hands on this 100% wool, in all of its warm, soft, stable weaved glory, I flipped.  A long time knitter, I have a special romance with wool.  Nothing else feels so comfortable in my hands.  The fabric for this dress made it that much more fun to make.  Sigh.

Pattern: Simplicity 3673C
Size: Bits of 6, 8, 10, plus some alterations of my own
Fabric: 100% wool plaid from JoAnn

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